My Studio

Here's a little peak at my desk space and how I work. Its all rather new! I moved to Thailand from Brighton in October which is very exciting! I took with me only a laptop and my trusty Wacom! (that's not true I'm not a complete geek, I did take a few other things ;)  but delighted to say pens and paper you can get anywhere in the world!

 I don't keep sketchbooks as I like to draw on loose paper. I use brush and ink, pencils, gel pens, markers or biros depending on my mood! I then scan them in and apply colour using Photoshop. I keep my sketches in files and sometimes on the wall. If I'm developing a character it helps to have him in front of me doing different things. Like a separate world I delve in and out of!

My friend sent me these stickers recently from the UK. 
Thanks Karen, I love them! I particularly like the "Alright love" one. Reminds me of home :)

Occasionally I draw my husband little pictures of what's on my mind. 
This Christmas, we're off to Ko Yao to stay in a wooden beach hut.
 I'm most looking forward to the hammocks!