Markets and Birdcages

Hi all,  I've been away for a bit riding elephants up in Chiang Mai! Am back now though and here's my last two illustrations for the Phuket News. The colouring competition is still proving very popular amongst the kids of Phuket. There's been so many entries in fact that the entry deadline has now been extended to every two weeks. I continue to be inspired by life around me and feel a book coming along with all these illos!

The fish stall always amazes me at the market. All the little creatures
displayed side by side. And crisps on a stick one of my favourite snacks!
A popular pastime in rural Thailand is holding bird singing contests.
Many keep these birds as their pets and hang the beautiful
cages outside homes and shops. I couldn't resist putting
in a cheeky cat ;)
And the last win went to 7 year old Grace Hiranyakas
from  Kajonkiet International school. I love the way she added  helmets
to my dogs in the side car to promote a safer Thailand!
 Also just great colouring skills!