I.F. Vocal

My! Has it been this long since I last posted? Shocking! Lets put a stop to that with this weeks I.F. Vocal. This came from a sketch for a Phuket News illo I've been working on this week about the Thailand Karaoke scene! They just love any excuse to get up on stage here and have a little boogie! 

Other news- I've been working on this months Tigerprint "Playtime, Fun Time" competition entry (soon to be posted) and all my Phuket News illo's are to be made into a real colouring book! So, watch this space!


  1. Fun character! And I really like your lettering, too.

  2. Really neat style. All the elements really work together nicely!

  3. Fun!! Can't wait to find out more about the coloring book too!