A commendation!

For those of you like me that follow Tigerprint and it's monthly competitions you may have been eagerly awaiting a result last week for the "Play Time Puzzle" Competition. This time after extending the deadline the judges were still unable to find an overall winner that they felt answered the brief to its full potential. 

However, in light of this they did decide to pick 4 designs to commend and feature on their blog. I was delighted to be part of the 4 selected and will be receiving the lovely 'Reinventing Letterpress' book through the post as a prize! Woo! 

Thanks very much for the mention :)

My concept was a card puzzle with 26 animals beginning with letters of the alphabet. 
A game to help little ones develop motor skills and recognition skills through learning their alphabet and animals by joining 2 pieces to make one.  As they try to match the correct heads to bodies they may stumble across some funny combinations like perhaps a "Zepanda" or even a "crocseal" - A puzzle that's sure to get a laugh!

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